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Florida 12 Hour ADI Course Online (Advanced Driver Improvement Course)

Female Student with KeysDoes your schedule prohibit you from attending our 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course "In Person"?  Or, do you just prefer to take a class in the privacy of your home?  The Online 12 Hour ADI Course may be right for you.

Our Florida DMV approved online 12 hour driving course is for the individual who has:

  • Received a Point Suspension suspending your license for 30, 90 or 365 days.
  • Request a Hardship License as a result of being an Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) or a lengthy Points Suspension.
  • Received a Court Ordered Judgment that does not require you to attend a class "In Person".  (Check your court papers closely.)
  • Suspension Due to Death or serious Personal Injury to anther person resulting from an automobile you were operating.
12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course Online
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  | Classroom Course

Need to attend the 12 Hour ADI course "In Person"?  The classroom course is available in Tampa and Orlando.

Online 12 Hour Traffic School Course Tuition

The total tuition of our 12 hour driving course online is $74.95.  It includes the online course, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and download of your digital certificate immediately upon completing your class.  There are NO HIDDEN FEES or surprise charges when you register!

Online Course Features

StudentThe online 12 Hour ADI Course combines text, animations and videos to create an online media experience that is designed to be interesting and interactive.  You will explore the reasons you are taking the course and answer different questions about your driving habits and behavior behind the wheel.  You are able to work at your own pace, and log on and off the virtual class as often as you want.

The online class contains small sections.  Each section outlines a different aspect or approach to your driving routine.  Expert help is provided to identify solutions to your "questionable" habits.

Mobile Device

You are able to work at your own pace and log on and off the program as often as you want.  Any time you sign out to take a break, the next time you logon, you are returned to the point where you left during the previous session.  Because you are attending in a "virtual classroom", you can use another computer, laptop or tablet at a different location to complete the course.

The 12 Hour ADI Course WILL NOT satisfy the Aggressive Driver Course
or the Driving While License Is Suspended Course Requirements.

Online 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course - Additional Information

Female StudentThe online 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement course is purposely designed to be entertaining, interactive and highly educational.  This online 12 hour driving class contains small sections, each outlining a different aspect or approach to your driving habits.  You complete the course, according to your own pace and schedule.  Any time you sign out to take a break, the next time you logon, you are returned to the point where you left.

As you complete the 12 hour driving course online, you have an opportunity to influence your future-driving behavior.  It is an excellent time for you to learn about yourself and proved ways to stop receiving traffic citations.  Below are some basic guidelines for you to follow during the presentation of this online class.

  1. The 12 Hour ADI course is in English.  For you to successfully complete the 12 hour traffic school class you need to be able to read and write on at least a 7th grade level.  You need an email account to complete the 12 Hour ADI course>
  2. The computer you use needs have enough memory to run the streaming video portion of the course.  It is strongly suggested that your Internet access be a broadband Cable, FiOS or DSL connection.  It is also advised to use a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC or Mac to attend this course.
  3. The course is twelve (12) hours long, as required by Florida Law; sorry, there is no way to get it done faster.  Students should expect to budget about 13 total hours to complete the course.  This will allow for frequent breaks and taking the final exam.

The total tuition for the online 12 Hour Traffic School Course is $74.95.  The tuition includes the course, classroom materials, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and your certificate.  You can take up to 180 days to complete your class, and sign-in/out as often as you want.

Our online class is easy to use.  You log onto our virtual classroom web site and Register online via your Internet connection.  While the computer you use must have enough memory to run the streaming video portion of the course, our online course is typically compatible with all desktop, laptops or tablet devices.  It is highly recommended that your Internet access be a broadband Cable, FIOS or DSL connection.(See PC and Browser requirements.)

You choose your own password and username when you register for our Florida 12 hour traffic school online course.  After registering, you will gain immediate access to the online driver improvement course.

Have you been Court Ordered by a Judge to attend a 12 Hour Advanced Course?
Call the Clerk of the Courts Offices to verify you are permitted to take the Class Online.

You will need the following for registration.  Do not leave any information blank during registration as it may slow down the processing of your Completion Certificate.

  1. Your Drivers License.  Driver's License Number is required.
  2. Traffic Citation Number.  (Not required for Points Suspension or HTO Hardship Request.) 
    This is located on the papers you received from the traffic court.  Your Citation Number format is 1234-ABC or A0BC-D2E.  All 7 or 8 alpha-numeric characters must be entered or processing of your Certificate will be delayed.
  3. Uniform Case Number (if you are attending due to a Court Order from a judge).  This is located on the Court Disposition Papers you received from the judge or your attorney.
  4. Credit Card or Debit Card.  We accept Visa, Master, Discover or American Express.

Once you are registered, you can return to the "Virtual Online Classroom" as many times as you need to complete your class.  You can sign in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer, laptop or tablet connected to the internet.


Your 12 hour advanced driver improvement course will satisfy all Court Orders (where the judge permits you to take the course online), and for DMV Requirements for Points Suspensions, to Request a Hardship License or to relieve a Habitual Traffic Offender revocation.

When you successfully complete the online course, your certificate will be processed and you download the certificate immediately after completing your class.  The download is in a .jpg format.  (No charge to you .. it's free!)  It is important to remember that you are responsible for delivering Court Ordered Completion Certificates to the Clerk of the Courts.  When you download it, simply deliver it to the County where your received your Court Order.

Are you taking the 12 Hour ADI Course to satisfy a Florida DHSMV Requirement?  The DHSMV requires electronic receipt of your Certificate.  When you take the online course to satisfy a DHSMV requirement for a Points Suspension or request a Hardship License, your Certificate of Completion is electronically transmitted to the Florida DMV computer system in Tallahassee.  It will typically appear in their local computer systems within 24 business hours.

Need your certificate in another format?  The other certificate options available during registration for the 12 Hour ADI Course are:

  • Email - $4.95
    Your Certificate will be sent in PDF format to the email address you provide during registration.  Use this option when you attend the class for a Court Order and your Due Date is imminent, and you want your document in the .pdf format.
  • USPS First Class Mail ($9.95)
    Select this option if you need to receieve a hard copy of your Certificate.  Your Certificate will be mailed to the address you provide during Registration using the US Postal Service 1st Class Mail.  Typical delivery from Tallahassee to your home address will be 2 to 3 business days throughout Florida.
  • UPS Overnight - $54.95
    Use this option when you attend the class for a Court Order, you do not want it sent to an email address and your Due Date is imminent.  Your Certificate will be sent via UPS Overnight Delivery - next business day.


Florida law requires that all Driver Improvement Course certificates attended over
the Internet be clearly identified as Completed Online.

The Clerk of the Courts will not accept an Online Completion Certificate if you were
required to attend the class "In Person" by a Judge


Enrollment and Completion in a 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement course is required for reinstatement of a Florida Driver’s License per s. 322.291, F.S.  This includes a requesting a Hardship License, to relieve a Points Suspension or for final release after an Habitual Traffic Offenders Revocation.

Are you in danger of having your license suspended or have already had your drivers license suspended?  A judge may allow you to take this 12 hour driving school course.  In the case of a suspended or revoked license, or if you are classified as an Habitual Traffic Offender, taking the 12 hour ADI course may allow you to apply for a hardship license to drive to and from work.

Have additional questions; you can reach us by phone or by using our email contact form on the Contact Us page.  Once you have started the class and have technical or class related questions, call the ASI Support Center at 1-800-732-4135 for help.

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