Traffic Safety Programs
Traffic Safety Programs

Corporate Defensive Driver Safety Programs

Are you an HR or Risk manager that wants to have a positive impact in your workplace and on the roadways?  If your business is navigating an increase in employee accidents and exposure, let’s connect.  We’d love to help your organization, government agency, or non-profit.  We can assist by enhancing driver safety and reduce costs, all while making a positive impact on your organization and your community.

Across the US over the last decade, traffic fatalities and collisions are at an all-time high.  As an business, that means you are seeing:

  • Significant increase in vehicular incidents.
  • Increased insurance rates.
  • An upturn in employee liability claims.
  • Stressed out employees with more responsibilities.

Florida DHSMV Certified

We can help you

Communicate Better

By communicating better, your employees can know what is expected … just like your turn signal.

Lower work stress

When people have a clear plan, there is less energy spent "figuring it out" so they can be more productive & focused where it counts … like when driving.

Lower Liability & Collision costs

What human wouldn’t want to save money and spend it on something more fun for everyone?

Our Partnership Provides

Credentialed Education

Enhance driver safety by combining state certified driver education with a research-based health & well-being WellCoaches® certified coach.

Human Connections

Quality connections between reality of life and theory behind laws.

Reduce Costs

Bridge the gap between workplace stress and behind the wheel performance to help reduce both human and operational costs.

Among distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2019, the most frequent (62%) distraction was being lost in thought or letting the driver's mind wander.  The next most frequent (13%) distraction was cellphone use, followed by external objects or events (rubbernecking) (7%). (IIHS, 2021) (Source:  Driving Tests Org)

The truth is, we’re all navigating stressors that can impact our ability to stay focused and make safe driving decisions.  To serve our clients and our students to the best of our ability, we’ve evolved our safety programs beyond the traditional defensive driving curriculums.  Our instructors cover both traditional safe driving techniques and facilitate a discussion on how factors like stress, fatigue, and well-being impact driver safety.  We're proud to partner with safety-minded leadership teams (like the American Safety Institute) to reduce workplace stress, liability, and collision costs while making roadways safer for our Florida communities.

Some of our corporate & government clients

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"Over the last year, Nations Traffic Safety School has helped us lower our liability claims and collision costs by over 40% which beats our 5-year average.  Jenn’s energy and professionalism have helped double our employee enrollment for this monthly training.  This program has definitely helped fill the gap between health and traffic safety for our employees."

Rick Osorio, City of Clearwater Risk Manager

To work with us is as simple as 1-2-3

Step 1 – Connect

Just like your GPS, we will have a brief call about where you are and where you want to go with your traffic safety program.

Step 2 – Create

With any successful road trip, we will develop the best route for you and your employees.

Step 3 – Implement

Here you will have the tools and resources put in place so that you continue your successful trip even with bumps in the road.

Ways We can Partner

Starter C.A.R

Have one of our qualified and credentialed instructors speak at your event to get the conversation started so that your team members can have the energy to be more productive.

Create a Roadmap (C.A.R.)

Full VIP Day dedicated to creating a personalize plan for your employees to increase productivity, reduce stress, and decrease liability costs so that your departments can be the workplace they enjoy coming to.

Full-Service Package

Easy as 1-2-3.  Incorporating all three steps of connecting with department leaders, creating a roadmap that speaks to your ideal work culture, and then providing implementation solutions in-person, virtual, or individual study so that your employees feel heard and energized to work at their best.  Cost effective traffic safety solutions starting at $25.00 per employee.
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