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Classroom Course

Classroom Course

4 Hour Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

Ticket Options

The 4 hour Defensive Driving School (DDS) course is the most common traffic school taken by Florida drivers who have received a ticket (speeding and other moving violations).  Officially named the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI Class), it is for individuals who want:

  • As an "Election" to receive an 18% discount on your fine and have 0 Points added to your Florida Drivers Record when you receive a ticket;
  • No insurance increases due to this traffic ticket (if no accident).  Any Points on your record will typically cause your rates to increase between 10% to 15% annually for 3 years;
  • To satisfy a Court Order to attend the 4 hour DDS, DDC or Defensive Driver Course;
  • Satisfy a DMV order under F.S. 322.0261(4) (Running a Red Light, Passing a Stopped School Bus, Racing on a Highway (Participant or Spectator), or Reckless Driving).
  • Satisfy a DMV or Court order to attend a TCAC class (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course).
  • Insurance Discount Class for Mature Drivers (55 and over)

Completion Certificates Provided on Class Day

Classroom 4 Hour Driver Improvement Course
$30.00 No Test.  Certificate Provided on Class Day.
Class Schedule
4 Hour Traffic School Class Online
$24.95 Available 24/7 on the Internet.
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Certified for Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, and all 67 Florida counties.

Our 4 hour course is offered two ways; as an Online Class and as a Traditional In Person Classroom course.  Whichever method you choose, be assured your course has been approved in Florida and your Completion Certificate is accepted in all 67 Florida Counties.  (If you have a CDL, See the CDL Notice below).

Classroom Locations


The 4 hour traffic school course is available in a Traditional Live Classroom in our Tampa Center, in Orlando near UCF/ Research Park, and in Kissimmee off I-4 near Disney.  Classes are offered weekdays, weekends and Wednesday evenings (in Tampa).  Still recognized as the best method to attend a course, our 'In Person' class features a seminar style session with lots of interaction between the instructor and the student.

Are you taking the 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course as an "Election" to withhold Points and avoid a Court Appearance?  Your Certificate is automatically transmitted to the County Clerks Offices when you complete your Class at Nations Traffic School.  Included in your Tuition .. No Extra Fee.

Classroom Special

on Wednesdays

Need a little price break?  Are you a Senior (50 years or older), a Military Veteran, Active Duty Military, Teacher or Public Service Employee?  Your tuition is just $25.00 for the 4 hour traffic school on special Wednesday classes.  Offered twice a month in Tampa in the mid-morning,once in the evening and once a month on Sundays, it includes your Certificate on class day.  To qualify for this price, you must enroll yourself directly from our Web Site using our convenient form.  (ID is Required on Class Day; Payment on Class Day.)

Under 25 Class
Court Ordered to attend the 4 Hour Under 25 Youthful Offender Class?  The class is available in Orlando, Kissimmee and Tampa monthly.

Florida 4 Hour Traffic School Details

The classroom 4 hour driving course is provided in a relaxed seminar style format.   This allows you to have direct contact with a certified instructor and have a forum to discuss topics with other students.   The seminar style courses offers a highly social class with plenty of interaction among participants.

The class is divided into multiple sessions and topics.  Sessions are 50 minutes in length with a 10 minute break once an hour.  While there is no test required to complete the class, students are encouraged and expected to actively participate in the seminar discussions in order to receive their Completion Certificate.  Topics include:

  • Major causes of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities.
  • Defensive Driving Techniques, common distractions and the 3 second rule.
  • How to safely react to various situations, driving conditions and when the posted Speed Limit is to fast.
  • Traffic Laws and Florida's Implied Consent Law.
  • Effects of alcohol and drugs when mixed with driving.
  • Legal and financial consequences of a DUI conviction.

Female Student

We believe in educating our students.  Our Instructors keep your attention and will arm you with information about traffic law and other important factors to help you stop receiving traffic tickets.  Sorry, if you are looking for boring videos, students will not get those here!  One thing is guaranteed, students leave our in person driver improvement course with a different perspective about the driving environment, plus positive thoughts and techniques to avoid additional traffic violations.


The total tuition for the Classroom 4 hour defensive driver course is $30.00.  The tuition includes the course, classroom materials, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and your certificate.  Your original Completion Certificate (for the Court) and a copy is provided immediately at the end of the class.


Students need to pre-register using the Online Enrollment Page.  Once we receive your Enrollment Request, we verify your requirement, check appropriate DMV / Court Records and will send a "confirmation" email to you.  Students should register as early as possible to guarantee a space for the date of your choice.

There are Never any Hidden Fees at Nations Traffic Safety School!

The 4 Hour BDI Course Completion Certificates are printed and provided to students at the end of the class.  You will receive two copies before you leave class.

  1. A Signed original with a unique Certificate Number.  This copy is for the Clerk of the Courts and needs to be delivered to satisfy your Court Orders and Elections to avoid Points.
  2. A second copy is provided as a receipt for your records.  We suggest students file this as a backup copy with your other important documents.

Our Traffic School and courses are Certified by the State of Florida.  Your Certificate will satisfy all Florida County Court Orders that require you to take the 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement course for court orders, DMV Notices and an Election to keep Points off your license.  Our Completion Certificate is accepted in all Florida Counties including:

  • Alachua County (Gainsville)
  • Brevard County (Melbourne)
  • Broward County (Ft Lauderdale)
  • Collier County (Naples)
  • Dade County (Miami)
  • Duval (Jacksonville)
  • Hernando County (Brooksville)
  • Highlands County (Sebring
  • Hillsborough County (Tampa)
  • Lake County
  • Lee County (Fort Myers)
  • Leon County (Tallahassee)
  • Orange County (Orlando)
  • Osceola County (Kissimmee)
  • Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach)
  • Pasco County (Dade City)
  • Pinellas County (Clearwater & St Petersburg)
  • Polk County (Lakeland)
  • Manatee (Bradenton)
  • Monroe County (Key West)
  • Seminole County (Sanford)
  • Volusia County (Daytona)
Do You Qualify

In the State of Florida, all Mature Drivers who are 55 or older can attend a Defensive Driver course to qualify for discounts on auto insurance (per F.S. 627.06501).  Drivers that complete a qualified course will receive up to a 10% insurance discount.  While there are minor exceptions, Do you Qualify?

What does this mean to you?  If you currently pay $70.00 a month in premiums, your total saving would be $252.00 ($7.00 x 36 months).  All for taking a "refresher" class that will cost you under $30.00.

What Insurance Companies? -- all carriers licensed in Florida.  This includes Geico, USAA, Progressive, AARP, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Direct General, Esurance and Mercury.

What to Do

If you are 55 years of age or older, contact your insurance agent or carrier to get pre-qualified.  Ask what they will require you to do, and:

  • How or where to send them your completion certificate?
  • Discounts are good for 3 years.  How will your insurance company notify you before it expires?
Mature Driver Online Course
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   100% Online
Classroom Course
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$25.00 Classroom Course on Tuesdays (Orlando) & Wednesdays (Tampa)

It's the Law in Florida

Florida Seniors over 55 will receive up to a 10% Reduction in Automobile Insurance Rates
When you complete an Approved Driver Improvement Course.

The 4 hour defensive driving school course may not be taken as an "Election" for point reduction/removal by operators that have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).  You may only take a defensive driving course for point reduction if it is Court Ordered by a judge.  Call us or the Court for more information.

  • Effective July 1,2005 the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will assess points to all individuals with a Florida CDL whether or not the violation occurred in a private or commercial vehicle.
  • If you possess a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), the 4 hour DDS Florida Traffic School course may only be taken for personal fulfillment and edification as an "election".  NO POINTS WILL BE REMOVED for the completion of the 4 hour Driver Improvement course by any driver with a Florida CDL unless you have been Court Ordered to take the class!
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