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Florida Drug and Alcohol Course for Drivers Permit

Student Driver with Car KeysWelcome young adults to the first steps of getting your driver’s license.  FREEDOM!!!  Well, you’re almost there.

  • Are you ready to drive yourself to wherever you need to go and not have to wait for your ride?
  • Are you excited about leaving your extracurricular activities without waiting for your ride to stop talking?
  • Are your parents ready to not be a chauffeur anymore?
  • Are you unsure where to even start?  Easy - See Steps below!

Officially named Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE Class), this is the class you need to obtain your Florida Learners Permit or your First License as an Adult.  Our 4 hour Drug and Alcohol Online Course is Certified by the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).  You can also take your Written Exam online or at the DMV.  (Students that are older than 17 are required to complete the written exam at the DMV.)

This course will can get you closer to your permit in a single weekend rather than spending a whole semester at school.  You will now have more time to learn and practice behind the wheel.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Class and the Optional Written Permit Exam

4 Hour Drug and Alcohol Course

Our Drug and Alcohol Course is Certified by the Florida DHSMV.  This 4 hour class is needed to obtain your Learners Permit or your First License as an adult.

  • It is a 100% online class, available 24/7
  • Class is Mobile Device Friendly
  • Free - Unlimited Retakes
  • Upon completion, your certificate is electronically sent to the DMV

DMV Written Permit Exam

All New Drivers need to pass the Florida DMV Permit/Class E Knowledge Test.  We provide the "written" Knowledge Exam online as an option.

  • It is a 100% online class, available 24/7
  • Your results are electronically sent to the DMV
  • Go to any Florida DMV Office when you complete your Permit Exam for the Road Test
* Fifteen (15%) of your Drug and Alcohol Class Tuition is donated to the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition

Additional Resources and Classes

Teaching your Teen to Drive

This innovative class is designed for parents to help teach their teens to drive.  Written by a retired Law Enforcement Officer and after years of studying fatal crashes, he decided to take this knowledge to help change the outcome of senseless, avoidable traffic crashes.

Florida teen drivers are involved in over 84k crashes annually.  If a new driver is involved in a crash, one of 6 mistakes will most likely be the cause.  The objective of this 3-hour online seminar course is to share what these mistakes are and how to prevent them.

Personalized Driving Lessons

Learn to drive with confidence!  Nations recommends this professional DMV Certified driving school we have worked with over the last decade.  Contact the Gulf to Bay Driving School to learn about their individual plans and programs.

Gulf to Bay Driving School offers individual lessons from 3-hour, 6-hour, 9-hour, 12-hour and up to 42-hour packages at our Hillsborough Ave location.

School Car

Online Resources

Florida wants all New Drivers to learn good habits and be responsible.  There are many resources available to help you.  These include:

Download Your Free Handbook
Official Florida
Drivers Handbook

Clase en Español

If you have questions or require assistance, contact us via message or call one of our offices.  After you register for the online course, please contact the American Safety Institute's Call Center and Technical Support Group in Tallahassee at (800) 800-7121.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Course / New Driver Class - Additional Information

Student Driver with Car Keys

Student Driver with Car KeysStudents must be a resident of Florida and at least 14 years old at the time of course registration.  You log onto the virtual classroom web site anytime -- 24/7, and Register on-line through your normal internet connection.  Once registered, you have 90 days to complete your course.

You must have a valid Social Security Number to register for the TLSAE / First Time Driver Course.  The Social Security Number must be your number and if this number does not match identification documents, your test results will not be accepted by the DMV office when you apply for your Permit License.

If you do not have a Social Security Number you will have the option to enter one of the following during registration:

  1. Florida ID card number
  2. Alien Registration number (or),
  3. Admissions number you received when entering the US by the Customs Office.

The Total Tuition Price of your Drug & Alcohol online class is $22.95.  It includes the class, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and electronic delivery of your information to the Florida DMV.  There are NO HIDDEN FEES or surprise charges when you register!  (You will also be offered the Drivers License Permit Exam as an Option during registration.)

There are never any Hidden Fees at Nations Traffic Safety School!

Commonly known as Drug & Alcohol Class, the online TLSAE class for New Drivers is 4 hours.  The course has 4 Chapters.  At the end of each chapter there is quiz with 3 to 7 questions.  At the end of the class, there is multiple choice test that must be passed with an 80% score.  If you you do not score 80%, you will be able to re-take the exam an unlimited number of times until you pass.

Our online course is compatible with all desktop, laptops or tablet devices.  Nothing special is required or needs to be downloaded.  (See PC and Browser requirements.)

Available 24/7
Available 24/7

You may take the online Florida Drug and Alcohol Course at any time of the day, and pause or exit the course at any time.  When you exit the course, your total time spent in the class at that point is recorded.  When you Login the next time, you will enter at the position where you logged off.  The Virtual Classroom is open 24/7.

Student Driver with Car Keys

Student Driver with Car KeysWhen you successfully complete the 4 hour Drug and Alcohol Course, the next step is to pass the written DMV Permit Test.  To take the written DMV Permit Test online, you must be under the age of 18 years old.  If you are 18 years of age or older you are required to take the written Permit Drivers Test at your local DMV office or with an authorized Third Party Administrator that offers proctored exams.

Written DMV Permit Exam - You will be taking one (1) 50 question exam which includes questions for road signs and road rules.  You must get 80% or better to pass the test (40 questions correct or better).

What if you do not pass the test - What Happens?

If you fail the Test for DMV permit exam online you can retake the test two (2) times.  There is a $34.95 Florida DMV Fee for each time you re-take the test.

You will be given a total of three (3) chances to pass the Florida Driver License Knowledge Exam Online .  If you fail the test three (3) times, Florida Law requires you to take the DMV Permit/Class E Knowledge test at your local authorized County Tax Collectors office.

Your test results are electronically reported to the Division of Driver Licenses and will be recorded in the applicant's driver record.


When you complete the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course online and pass the final exam, your Certificate is immediately transmitted electronically to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  Your completion appears in their computers and can be viewed at any DMV or Tax Collectors Office in Florida that issues Drivers Licenses.

Check Completion

Once you Pass the TLSAE Course, simply check the DHSMV Traffic School Completion Check website for the status of your certificate.  We automatically report your completion to the DMV when you pass your class.  (Just enter your Birth Date and Last 4 of your Social Security Number on the form.)

If you also complete your Drivers License Permit Exam online, test results are electronically reported to the Division of Driver Licenses and will be recorded in the applicant's driver record at the DMV.  Your records appear in their computer system immediately after successfully completing your exam. 

Student Driver with Car KeysThe record(s) remain on file with the state for one (1) year and allows you to go to any DMV / Tax Collectors Office to apply for your Learner's Permit during that year.  You do not receive a personal copy of your completion certificate in the State of Florida when you complete the course online.  (Students should print a copy of your results when you finish each part of your Course and DMV Knowledge Test.)

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