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COVID-19 Virus "Stay In Place" Directives

We sincerely apologize.  Nations Traffic School is now strictly following the CDC Guidelines and Local County Restrictions concerning the COVID-19 public safety and health precautions. 

Nations Traffic Safety Schools physical locations are closed effective Friday, March 27.  Hillsborough, Pinellas, Orange and most Counties in Central Florida have a "Stay In Place" Directive.  This means only businesses and organizations that are considered "Essential" are open.  These restrictions/directives will be in place indefinitely.

What should you do to fulfill your course requirements:

  1. If your requirement permits, you are strongly encouraged to take the Class Online.
  2. If you were court ordered to attend an "In Person" class, you need to contact the County Clerk of the Courts to request an extension.

Please stay Safe During this difficult time.

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