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4 Hour Defensive Driving Course Online
Florida 4 Hour BDI Course Online

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The online 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement course (BDI class) is the most common traffic school taken by drivers in Florida who have received a traffic ticket.  Often taken as an "Elective" to keep points off your record and to receive an 18% discount on your fine, the 4 Hour Defensive Driving School (DDS) online course is also for individuals who:

  • Were Court Order to complete a 4 Hour DDS / DDC traffic school course.
  • Satisfy a DMV order under F.S. 322.0261(4) (Running a Red Light, Passing a Stopped School Bus, Racing on a Highway (Participant or Spectator), or Reckless Driving).
  • Required to attend a Florida 4 Hour TCAC class (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course).

Our 4 Hour driving course is a Florida DMV Certified Driver Improvement course.  Your Completion Certificate is accepted in all 67 Florida Counties.  If you have a CDL, you can only take this driving course if it is Court Ordered or you received a DHSMV Notice.  (See the CDL Notice).

We Never have any Hidden Fees.   The Advertised Tuition Price is your Total Cost!

4 Hour Traffic School Online Course
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Need to attend the 4 Hour BDI course "In Person"?  The classroom course is available in Tampa, Orlando and Kissimmee.

Online Course Tuition

The total tuition of our 4 hour online class is $24.95.  It includes the online course, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and delivery of your certificate to the address you provide during registration.  There are NO HIDDEN FEES or surprise charges when you register!  (Other "lowest price traffic schools" charge you up to an additional $19.00 in State Fees and to process your certificate.)

Are you taking the 4-Hour Defensive Driver Course as an "Election" to withhold Points and avoid a Court Appearance?  Your Certificate is electronically transmitted to the County Clerks Offices when you complete your Online Course at Nations Traffic School and a copy is mailed to you.  No Extra Fee .. Included in your Tuition.

Online Course Features

StudentThe online course will take you 4 hours to complete, but is purposely designed to be entertaining, interactive and educational.  The course contains small sections, each outlining different aspects of good defensive driving techniques, as well as updating you on various laws that have changed since you last attended a class or got your drivers license.  You are able to work at your own pace, analyze your habits, and log on and off the program as often as you want.

Mobile Device

Any time you sign out to take a break, the next time you logon, you are returned to the point where you left the previous session.  Because you are attending in a "virtual classroom", you can use another computer, laptop or tablet at a different location to complete the 4 hour driving course.

Florida 4 Hour Traffic School Online Course Information

StudentOur online 4 hour driving course is designed to be as convenient as possible for the student.  It is a 4 hour course as required by Florida Law, but you work at your own pace.  You complete the course, according to your own schedule.  Any time you sign out to take a break, the next time you logon, you are returned to the point where you left.

Our Florida online 4 hour course combines text and animations to create an online experience that's interesting and interactive.  You'll learn traditional driving safety information, but also Florida-specific rules and regulations like state speed limits and DUI laws.  The course will take you about 4 hours to complete and contains 4 chapters, each outlining a different aspect of driving safety.  At the end of each chapter you are required to take a 10-minute break.

Florida Law requires students attending an online class to take and pass a final exam upon completion of the course.  You will need to score 80 percent or higher on the final exam before your Certificate of Completion can be processed.  If you score lower than 80 percent you must retake the final exam.  You can re-take the final exam for free!

Available 24/7

Once you are registered, you can return to our Virtual online traffic school class as many times as you need to complete your course.  You may complete the online 4 hour BDI course in one sitting or login many times.  You can sign in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer connected to the internet.


Our online 4 hour defensive driving course is easy to use.  You log onto our virtual classroom web site and Register online via your normal Internet connection.  Our online course is compatible with all desktop, laptops or tablet devices.  Nothing special is required or needs to be downloaded.  (See PC and Browser requirements.)

You choose your own password and username when you register for our Florida 4 hour traffic school online course.  After registering, you will gain immediate access to the online driver improvement course.

You will need the following for registration.  Do not leave any information blank during registration as it may slow down the processing of your Completion Certificate.

  1. Your Drivers License.  Driver's License Number is required.
  2. Traffic Citation Number.  It is located in the upper right corner of your ticket.  If you have already paid your ticket, it should appear on the receipt you received from the traffic court or on the Subject Line of your Florida DHSMV Letter.  Your Citation Number format is 1234-ABC or A0BC-D2E.  All 7 or 8 alpha-numeric characters must be entered or processing of your Certificate will be delayed.
  3. Uniform Case Number (if you are attending due to a Court Order from a judge).  This is located on the Court Disposition Papers you received from the judge or your attorney.
  4. Credit Card or Debit Card.  We accept Visa, Master, Discover or American Express.

Once you are registered, you can return to the virtual Online Traffic School as many times as you need to complete your class.  You may complete the course in one sitting or login many times.  You can sign in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer, laptop or tablet connected to the internet.

There are Never any Hidden Fees at Nations Traffic Safety School!
Online Course Certificate

When you successfully complete the online course, your certificate will be processed and delivered to you.  We will deliver your Certificate of Completion to meet your deadline and your needs. When you receive it, simply deliver it to the Clerk of the Courts in the County where your received the ticket or Court Order.

You get to choose your preferred delivery method during the course sign-up process.  The delivery methods available for the 4 Hour BDI Course are:

  • USPS First Class Mail (Free -- No Charge)
    Select this option if you are taking this course as an "Election" or because of a Florida DHSMV Letter Notice for F.S. 322.0261(4)).  Also select this Option if you are taking the class as a "Court Order", and you have at least 4 to 5 business days before it is Due at the Clerk of the Court Offices.  Your Certificate will be mailed to the address you provide during Registration using the US Postal Service 1st Class Mail.  Typical delivery from Tallahassee to your home address will be 2 to 3 business days throughout Florida.

    When you take our online course as an "Election" to withhold Points or to satisfy a DHSMV requirement for F.S. 322.0261(4), we electronically delivery your Certificate.  Your Certificate of Completion for these requirements are transmitted electronically to the Florida DMV computer system in Tallahassee or to the County Clerk of the Courts.  It will typically appear in their computer systems the next business day.  A paper copy is sent to you for your records.
  • Email - $9.95
    Use this option when you attend the class for a Court Order and your Due Date is imminent.  Your Certificate will be sent in PDF format to the email address you provide during registration.

    Remember:  No need to use this option when you "Elected" to take the 4-Hr Class to Withhold Points (and no Court Appearance) or received a DHSMV Letter Notice requirement under F.S. 322.0261(4).  The Completion Certificate will be electronically sent to the Clerk of the Courts Offices or DMV, and you will be sent your Paper "receipt" copy by USPS First Class Mail.
  • UPS Overnight - $54.95
    Use this option when you attend the class for a Court Order, you do not want it sent to an email address and your Due Date is imminent.  Your Certificate will be sent via UPS Overnight Delivery - next business day.

Need assistance with your online 4 hour Driver Improvement course or your Certificate after you complete your final exam?  Contact the ASI Call Center at 800-800-7121.

Your online 4 hour driver improvement course will satisfy all court orders (when not required to attend "In Person"), DMV Notices for TCAC or when you "Elect" to attend a 4 Hour defensive driving course to avoid points on your License.  Your completion certificate is accepted in all 67 Florida counties including:

  • Alachua County (Gainsville)
  • Brevard County (Melbourne)
  • Broward County (Ft Lauderdale)
  • Collier County (Naples)
  • Dade County (Miami)
  • Duval (Jacksonville)
  • Hernando County (Brooksville)
  • Highlands County (Sebring)
  • Hillsborough County (Tampa)
  • Lake County
  • Lee County (Fort Myers)
  • Leon County (Tallahassee)
  • Orange County (Orlando)
  • Osceola County (Kissimmee)
  • Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach)
  • Pasco County (Dade City)
  • Pinellas County (Clearwater & St Petersburg)
  • Polk County (Lakeland)
  • Manatee (Bradenton)
  • Monroe County (Key West)
  • Seminole County (Sanford)
  • Volusia County (Daytona)

Do you have additional questions about the online 4 hour driving course?  You can reach us by phone or by using our email contact form on the Contact Us page.  Once you have started the class and have technical or class related questions, call the American Safety Institute's (ASI) Support and Call Center at 800-800-7121 for help.

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