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Nations Traffic Safety School is aligned with the B&W Driving School in Orlando; another member of the Florida Providers for Traffic Safety.  The B&W driving school offers door-to-door pick up and delivery, private lessons for new drivers and refresher lessons to persons that already have a valid drivers license.

The B&W driving school is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DMV).  All instructors are licensed by the State of Florida as in-vehicle instructors, having both classroom and practical training.  The school is approved by AAA, having met their stringent requirements for a quality driving lessons curriculum and for professional standards.

B&W Driving School
Certified and Approved Florida Driving School 1800 Pembrook Dr Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32810
Phone: (407) 292-5966
Web Site: www.B&
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B&W Driving School offers a variety of packages and options to meet your needs and requirements.

Students can also choose an "Optional Road Test" with most of the packages.

Package I - Evaluation Class

Driving School
This 90 minute course consists of 1 lesson designed for students who know how to drive and want to know the requirements for the road test.

Package II - Basic Course

This 6 Hour course is designed for the teen that just got their learner's permit or a driver with limited driving experience.  Students practice steering, parking, learning road/street driving, how to read and negotiate road signs and regulations.

Package III - Intermediate Course

Certified and Approved Florida Traffic SchoolThis is a 10 Hour course designed for students with little or no supervised practice, and lack someone to practice with, or have limited time to practice between lessons.  Students practice controlling the car, steering, parking, proper use of mirrors and more.  This course includes highway driving practice with two lessons that are very focused on defensive driving.

Package IV - Refresher Course

3 Hours.  Designed for the student that already knows how to drive, but needs to prepare for the road test at the DMV.  The instructor will focus the lessons on what is expected when the student can expect during Road Test, take you there, and allow you to use the school's car for the test.

3-In-3 Driver Change Course.

For students that have been notified by the Florida DHSMV that you must complete a State approved driver improvement course to include behind the wheel training and an assessment of your driving ability.  This course is required due to the State of Florida's Third Crash in Three Years Law.

  Veteran Owned and Operated Defensive Driving School