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12 Hour ADI Online Course
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Florida 12 Hour ADI Online Course (Advanced Driver Improvement)
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Online 12 Hour ADI Course

It's exactly the same as all the others.  The American Safety Institute's virtual classroom program is currently the only Certified and approved 12 Hour ADI Online Internet course in the State of Florida.  Every school in Florida currently uses this same course.  No matter which web site you use to take the class, everyone takes the identical course.

The course is designed to take the equivalent amount of time as a traditional in-class 12 hour traffic school, but students should allow for an extra 1 to 2 hours for breaks and the Final Exam.  The nice part about this course is that you work at your own pace.  No one is making you slow down or speed up.  Everyone reads at different speeds and this program allows you to proceed at your own pace.  There is no time maximum to complete the class.  Consequently, the average completion time varies for each student.


The Certificate will be mailed to your address within 24 hours of course completion and passing the final test.  Expedited deliver options are available; call the American Safety Institute Support Center at 1-800-800-2121 for prices and options.  Just make sure you finish in sufficient time to allow for certificate delivery to meet your Due date.

Judges Gavel

Note: Please check your Court Disposition Papers if you have been Court Ordered to attend a 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course.  Most judges require you to complete the course in a classroom (In Person).  Brevard, Hillsborough, Hernando, Lee, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas,Polk and Sarasota papers should be checked closely.  Completion Certificates are clearly marked by Florida rules to show "Online" or classroom Address.


You can pay for the course using any major credit or debit card.  After you fill out the registration form, you will be linked to a completely secure credit card page where you pay quickly and effortlessly.  The site is encrypted to make your personal and credit card information safe.


Registration for the online 12 Hour ADI course is simple.  You click on the button and will be taken to the registration page.  After completing all the appropriate fields and you can then begin your class right away.  You will also be provided an opportunity to choose your certificate delivery method

You can take our online 12 Hour ADI course from home, a friend or family members house, or any "hot spot" -- ANYTIME -- 24/7.  Whatever computer, laptop or tablet you use, you just need Internet access that is not blocked by a Network Administrator.  You can start on your own computer and finish on another.

Please Read. It is highly advisable to never attempt to take a course on a device smaller than a Tablet Size.  Using a cell phone to attend any course is highly discouraged by all educational institutions.

Our Online 12 Hour course will operate on standard PCs, Macs or Tablets that are connected to the Internet.  (Cell phones are highly discourage when trying to attend a class over the Internet.)  A PC or Mac Running:

  • Windows Vista or later
  • MacOS 9.x/OSX -- Must use Firefox (Safari will not work)
  • Linux 2.2+

Internet Browser (Your browser MUST support and have JavaScript, Cookies, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled. Most PCs are pre-set for this configuration.)

  • Internet Explorer 8.0+ (Win)
  • Firefox 1.0+ (Win/Lin/Mac)
  • Mozilla 1.75+ (Win/Lin)
  • Opera 1.5+ (Win/Lin)

There are no special computer requirements.  If you are on this screen and on our website using a tablet or computer, you can typically enroll and complete the course without a problem.  However, we do suggest you have at least 3 Gb of memory and a Broadband (Cable, FIOS OR DSL) Connection to the internet for best performance.

The course is broken up into sections and you can log off and then log back on at a later time.  The computer records the section(s) you have completed.  You can log on and off as many times as you wish until you complete the class.

Although not advisable for the 12 hour ADI online class, you can do the entire course in one sitting.  It is up to you.  However you decide, the only restriction is that you complete your course by your Court Due Date or within 180 days of registering.

An email address is required for this course to receive important and required feedback from the instructor.  You may use a friend's e-mail address, but you must have access to that address continuously until you complete the class.

  Student Log-In

If you have already enrolled, you have a username and password.  You simply re-enter those codes on our home page where instructed as many times as necessary to access and complete the class.

Internet users sometimes loose their connections.  This may result from a lost connection, your mobile "hot spot" went cold or simply because your computer crashes.  Not to worry, as you complete each section of the course, your progress is logged.  Completion of chapter one, for example, cannot be lost if your answers are submitted to the system and graded.  Being knocked off line at any point will bring you back to the start of the next unfinished chapter -- it will not delete previously completed chapters.

Our website is unable to control your Internet connection and inactivity on your part will not result in our system knocking you off line.  Any activity requirements will be on the part of your Internet service provider.

You can take the final test two (2) times without having to pay a retake fee.

The security questions are required by Florida and used to ensure that the proper individual is taking the course.  If you answer incorrectly or take too long to answer, the course will be locked.  To get back into the course you will need to call 1-800-800-7121.

Do you have additional questions about our Online or Classroom courses?  You can reach us by phone or by using our email contact form on the Contact Us page.  Once you have started an Online class and have technical related questions, please call the American Safety Institute Support Center at 1-800-800-7121 for help.

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